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June 2012





June 13, 2012

7:00 pm


Regular meeting of the Sherburne Town Board was held on Wednesday, June 13 2012 at 7 pm in the office of the Supervisor.  Present:  Supervisor Mastro, Councilpersons Krum, Meyer, Wern, Bagnall, Hwy Supt Brunschmid, Code Enforcement Officer Andrews, Town Clerk McDaniel.  Guests:  Dick Harmon

Approval of May 9, 2012 Minutes

Motion by Meyer and seconded by Bagnall to approve minutes of May 9, 2012.  All Ayes. Carried.

Opening of Bids for Roadside Mower

Motion by Bagnall seconded by Meyer to approve bid from Clinton Tractor in the amount of $12,911.00.  Another bid was received from White Farm Supply in the amount of $13,920.00 which was rejected.  Mastro – Aye; Meyer – Aye; Wern – Aye; Krum – Aye; Bagnall – Aye.  Carried.

Guest:  Dick Harmon

Dick Harmon present as a guest to discuss the variance for the mobile home on his property.   The Town will prepare a variance with a renewable option every year.  Motion by Krum and seconded by Wern to approve the variance for Dick Harmon.  All Ayes.  Carried.


Motion by Meyer and seconded by Wern to approve transfers proposed by Budget Office Carol King.  All Ayes.  Carried.   (copy of transfers attached)

Supervisor’s Report, Code’ Officer’s Report and Town Clerk’s Report

All received and reviewed.

Webb Road

Project Complete


Almost complete is up and running. Rick Crowell is doing some finalizations.

Time Warner

Nothing new to report

Historic Park

Dave Wern reported on the historical meeting – they discussed the website and they are working on Heritage Day which will be held July 28th.

Rexford Falls Project – Eagle Scout

Lucas Reynolds has been in touch with Hwy Superintendent Brunschmid with regards to Rexford Falls and his Eagle Badge.

Flood Law Enforcement

Discussion held on flood law enforcement.  Decision on this tabled to a further date.  Motion by Meyer and seconded by Bagnall to table this discussion to next month’s meeting.  All Ayes.  Carried.

Equalization rate

Discussion held on equalization rate – it has dropped to 78%.

Planning Board

Motion by Meyer and seconded by Krum to appoint Jim Osborne to the Planning Board his term to expire 3/31/2013.  Meyer – Aye; Wern – Aye; Krum – Aye; Bagnall – Aye. Mastro – Aye.  Carried.

Approval of Bills for June 2012

Motion by Meyer and seconded by Bagnall to approve the bills.  Bagnall to review July bills.   All Ayes.  Carried.

Motion by Bagnall and seconded by Wern to adjourn.  Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.  Next Town Board meeting scheduled for July 11th at 7:00 pm. in the Supervisor’s Office.

Respectfully submitted,


Kathy McDaniel

Town Clerk

Town of Sherburne

Highway – $63,907.53

Town – $5,573.89