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August 2012





August 8, 2012

7:00 pm


Regular meeting of the Sherburne Town Board was held on Wednesday, August 8, 2012 at 7 pm in the office of the Supervisor.  Present:  Supervisor Mastro, Councilpersons Krum, Meyer, Wern, Bagnall, Code Enforcement Officer Andrews, Town Clerk McDaniel, Absent: Highway Superintendent Bob Brunschmid.  Guests:  Cindy Carter, Steve Gage, Chris Hoffman, Kathleen Yasas, Patricia vonMechow, Susana Schwartz, Jane Hough, Christopher Enscoe, Philip Morin.

Fuel Oil Bids

Fuel Bids were opened with the following bids announced:

Blue Ox – #2 Fuel Oil:  Fixed Price –  3.549;  No escalator price bid.  Diesel Fuel:  No Bid. Unleaded Gasoline:  No Bid;  Fuel Oil (Library):  Fixed Price – 3.549; No escalator price bid.

Paul Oil – #2 Fuel Oil:  Fixed Price – 3.435;  No escalator price bid.  Diesel Fuel:  No Bid.  Unleaded Gasoline: No Bid. Fuel Oil Library: 3.435; No escalator price bid. 

Mirabito – #2 Fuel Oil:  Fixed Price – 3.3998.  Escalator – +.1576.  Diesel Fuel:  Fixed Price – 3.5672.  Escalator – +.2500.  Unleaded Gas:  Fixed Price (N/A) . Escalator – +.3245.  Fuel Oil (Library): Fixed Price- 3.3998.  Escalator – +.1576.

Motion by Meyer and seconded by Wern to forward the bids to Carol King, Budget Officer for her review.  Carried.

Approval of Minutes

Motion by Bagnall and seconded by Meyer to approve minutes of July 11, 2012.  Carried.

Supervisor’s Report, Town Clerk’s Report and Code Officer’s Report

All accepted and reviewed. 


Discussion held on Hydrofracking

Guests from the public were in attendance to discuss with the board the possibility of the Town enacting a moratorium against Hydrofracturing.   Reference materials and information passed out to the Board. 

Supervisor Mastro discussed how the Town Board has been very active with this issue for four years and the Town has a  heavy weight law in effect for Town roads.   Town Board has been in touch with an attorney and we will go over everything.  Supervisor Mastro is looking into having surrounding area town boards to get together and share expertise, information, etc. on the issue.  Steve Gage from CNY Landowner’s Coalition to speak at the next Sherburne Town Board  meeting.

Time Warner – Computel

Nothing new to report.

Historic Park Building 

Supervisor Mastro signed six applications for grants. 

Rexford Falls

 Rexford Falls is finished Lukas Reynolds did an excellent job. 

Sales Tax

Sales Tax received in the amount of $52,000.00

Road Use Law

Attorney Steve Jones discussed with Supervisor Mastro about a road use law.

Discussion held on gas drilling.  

Supervisor Mastro to find out if there are any gas leases in the town of Sherburne.

Approval of Bills 

Motion by Krum seconded by Bagnall to approve the bills for August 2012.  Carried.

Next Month’s Bills 

Councilman Wern to approve next month’s bills.



Reports of Board Members 

Councilman Meyer reported on Village of Sherburne Board meeting.  Village of Sherburne discussing cleaning up Ash Creek.  Possibly Town Highway could help with the excavation.  Councilman Meyer to talk to Highway Superintendent Bob Brunschmid.  Councilman Wern reported on Historical Society meeting.  They have received a couple of bids on materials for the new building.  The section house is in need of repair.  United Way may be able to help with the labor and the Town pays for the materials.   

Executive Session

Motion by Supervisor Mastro and seconded by Wern to enter into executive session for discussion of Highway Union Contract negotiations.   Supervisor Mastro – Aye;  Councilpersons Meyer – Aye; Wern – Aye; Krum – Aye; Bagnall – Aye.  Carried.

Executive Session  –  A discussion was held on all the changes to the Highway Union Contract to start January 1, 2013.

Motion  by Meyer and seconded by Wern to come out of executive session.  Supervisor Mastro – Aye; Councilpersons Meyer – Aye; Wern – Aye; Krum – Aye; Bagnall – Aye.  Carried.

Union Contract

Motion by Meyer seconded by Wern to approve the changes to the Union Contract to run January 1, 2013 to December 31st 2016.  Supervisor Mastro – Aye; Councilpersons Meyer – Aye; Wern – Aye; Krum – Aye; Bagnall – Aye.  Carried.  Outline of changes attached.

Motion to adjourn.   Meeting adjourned at 9:10 pm.

Respectfully submitted,


Kathy McDaniel

Town Clerk

Town of Sherburne

Highway – $34,956.23

Town – $5,699.87