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Town Clerk/Registrar of Vital Statistics/Tax Collector

Town Clerk/Registrar of Vital Statistics/Tax Collector

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Description of Position:

In the Town of Sherburne the Town Clerk is charged with tasks ranging from Registrar of Vital Statistics to Recording Secretary and Records Manager. The Town Clerk position encompasses the Tax Collector for the Town of Sherburne.

Responsibilities of Tax Collector:

This is a detailed job requiring careful monitoring of the NBT Bank software, working daily with the bank during tax collection, sending out of the taxes and escrows, correcting tax statements whether it be apportionments and/or tax errors.  Compiling unpaid taxes, monthly fiscal reports to county and end of year tax summaries and return of taxes to county and much more.

Responsibilities of Town Clerk/Registrar of Vital Statistics:

The Registrar issues  birth and death transcripts and burial transit permits and is responsible for keeping a permanent record of all births, deaths and marriages that occur within the town.   The Town Clerk acts as custodian of all permanent town records and maintains a record of adopted ordinances and local laws, oaths of office, resignations, proofs of publication and posting, annual budgets, assessment rolls and fiscal reports.

As Recording Secretary the Town Clerk keeps a permanent record of all Town Board meetings and public hearings.  The Town Clerk also issues New York State licenses and permits including marriage, dog, and handicap parking.


Dog Licenses

Costs:  Spayed/Neutered – $6.00

Unspayed/Unneutered – $13.00

Town of Sherburne Local Law No. 3 of 2010 requires that any person harboring or keeping  a dog must obtain a dog license in the town in which they live.  Dogs over the age of 4 months must be licensed. A permanent identification tag will be issued at the time of licensing.  To obtain a dog license, the following items must be presented in person or by mail at the Town Office:

  • A certificate of rabies vaccination (showing current coverage)

  • A spaying or neutering certificate obtained from a licensed veterinarian (or spayed or neutered must be clearly stated on a currently valid rabies certificate)

To remain current, dog licenses must be renewed annually.   License and renewal fees are payable at the Town Clerk’s Office.  Please notify the Town Clerk’s Office if your address has changed or there is a change in the status of your dog.  Please note, the Town of Sherburne now has two year licensing renewals.

Local Veterinarian Offices:

Compassionate Care (607) 334-4545

Pet Street Animal Hospital (607) 336-7387

New Berlin Veterinary Hospital

(607) 847-6118

Pittsfield Veterinary Hospital

(607) 965-8991

Hamilton Animal Hospital

(315) 824-5412

Chenango County SPCA – (607) 334-9724

Marriage Licenses

Costs:  $40.00 application fee 

Everyone who intends to get married in New York State must obtain a marriage license from their Town or City Clerk.  The license is valid for use anywhere in New York State for a period of 60 days.  Once the license is issued there is a 24 hour waiting period before the couple can marry.  The couple must meet the following upon filing for a marriage license:

  • Both parties must be present

  • Be at least 16 years old (parental consent required for all persons under the age of 18)

  • Both parties must present their birth certificates

  • Both parties must present photo identification (i.e. Driver’s License)

  • If applicable, both parties must present original or newly certified divorce decrees of all marriages

A NYS marriage license application asks basic information such as mother’s maiden name, your city/town of birth, birthdate, address and country where your parents were born.


Getting Married in New York:   4210

Parking Permit for People With Severe Disabilities

 There is no fee for a permit.

The Town Clerk is the agent for issuance of permits for severely disabled individuals under NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law.  These permits allow holders to park legally in spaces reserved for persons with disabilities.  The permit (NYS DMV form # MV-664.1/664.3) must be issued in the name of the person with the disability to use when the disabled person drives or is a passenger in any vehicle that is not being used for commercial purposes.

Any NYS resident who qualifies as a severely disabled person is eligible for a statewide parking permit.  The permit offers an alternative to disabled drivers who do not want to display license plates with the wheelchair symbol.  Permits many also be issued for use by a parent with children who have disabilities and to the elderly.  Parents or guardians may apply on behalf of a severely disabled person however, in all cases the permit must be issued in the name of the person with the disability.

Application forms are available at the Town of  Sherburne Town Clerk’s Office or    click below for the application.  The application must be completed and signed by the applicant as well as by a medical doctor who will indicate if the disability is temporary or permanent.  The Town Clerk can issue the parking permit only after receiving a completed application.    Handicap Parking Application





To request a copy of a birth certificate, the applicant must fulfill the requirements below and provide $10 (cash or check); a driver license or passport photo ID (clear copies or faxes are acceptable if requesting through the mail).  Form DOH-296A must be filled out. *If your name has changed, documentation showing name change (i.e. marriage license) must be provided. A certified copy or a certified transcript of a birth certificate may be issued only:

  • To a person with a New York State Court Order;

  • To the person named on the birth certificate, if 18 years of age or older;

  • To the parents of the person named on the birth certificate;

  • To the lawful representative of the person named or the parents of the person named on the birth certificate;

  • To the Commissioner of the Health; or

  • To a municipal, state or federal agency when needed for official purposes.

A certification of birth certificate may be issued:

  • To the person named on the birth certificate, if under 18 years of age;

  • To a person over 18 years of age, if a certification is what they prefer; or

  • To a person who can demonstrate the record is required for a judicial or other proper purpose.

  • application for birth records – DOH 296A


 The applicant must provide the decedent’s name and date of death and complete and signed form DOH-294A.   If the request is made by someone other than the spouse, parent or child of the decedent, the application or letter must be accompanied by supporting documents establishing a legal right or claim to obtain a certified copy or transcript, or judicial or other proper purpose to obtain a certification.  There is a $10 (cash or check) charge for death certificates. *A spouse of a decedent must provide a copy of their marriage license/certificate.*A child of a decendent must provide a copy of their birth certificate.For further information about obtaining a birth or death certificate, please contact the Office of the Registrar at 607-674-4481.application for death records – DOH 294A


Where to Obtain Copies of Marriage Records

  • For copies of marriage licenses issued anywhere in NYS except New York City, contact the office of the town or city clerk who issued the license or from the NYS Department of Health.  An application must be filled out DOH-301. application for marriage record

  • For marriage licenses issued in New York City, do not apply to New York State Department of Health.  You must apply to the borough office of the City Clerk of New York in the borough where the license was issued.

  • If you require a copy of your marriage license for an international adoption, immigration requires that you submit a Verified Transcript. Please indicate this to the Town Clerk

Certified of Birth, Death and Marriage Records Fee

$10.00 fee will be charge for each certified copy of a birth, death or marriage record.  Cash or check accepted.  Checks should be made payable to the Town of Sherburne.