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Historic Park Buildings

Welcome to the Historical Park. The historical Park has four different buildings that visitors can explore and learn about.


The main building, or ‘the cabin’, houses the office of the town of Sherburne Historian, the museum, it’s artifacts, collections and documents, and the Historic Society board members.

The 1890 District School House is the other main attraction in the park. This District School House is in it’s original condition, with an original blackboard, and period desks. Come and visit, and you can ring the school bell.

The other three buildings we have in the park are smaller, but help to tell the story of Sherburne’s past. We have an original railroad section house, that once stood near the NY & OM railroad here in Sherburne. We have one of three original gauging stations that was used to measure the water marks on the Chenango River for purposes of watching for floods. We also have on our premises one of two original outhouses originally located up at Rexford Falls. We also have a pavilion for public use.