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Sherburne’s Historic Documents

The Sherburne Historian’s Office has many historic documents located at the log cabin at the historic park. There are more documents held at the town clerks office and at the Sherburne Public Library. While the Historian’s Office does hold most of the documents, the Town Clerk is the custodian of the Town records. Please feel free to stop by to see us, or make an appointment to access our records for historical research of the Town of Sherburne.

First page of notes recording the first Town meeting held in Sherburne dated the first Tuesday of April, 1795. This is the oldest document of the Town of Sherburne.

 Earliest known daguerreotype. State Street, Sherburne. Circa 1850.

Civil War Record, 1865

Civil War Troops training on Water Street, Sherburne. September 1867 

Hart’s pottery chart, circa late 19th century.

Photograph of Carrie Nation at Sherburne Fair September 20, 1901 

President Theodore Roosevelt at Sherburne, October 14, 1914